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Welcome to ParrotSpeaks, Global destination for unbiased online shopping reviews and ratings.By weeding out unscrupulous retailers, we hope you will make more informed purchasing decisions. We allow online-retailers to review and respond to criticism, so that you ultimately have a better shopping experience. A potential shopper can find reviews on every Online Businesses, all written by an average consumer sharing his or her experiences connects shoppers with Shops through reviews, opinions and feedback of other shoppers. Review your favorite or least favorite online businesses and websites. Try reviewing a website or reporting a complaint. EXPLORE EXPERT REVIEWS ON MOBILES | CARS | TRAVEL DESTINATIONS

Rating FAQ

Parrotspeaks Ratings

The overall rating of any business is a weighted average coming from the average rating of all user reviews.

Improve Rating

The quickest way to improve your overall rating is to collect as many reviews as possible from your current customers. We suggest to write reviews from your current customers which will build more trust in the brand

Top Business

Businesses are ranked based on user reviews only as such more reviewed & rated companies will reflect on the top.


In responding to a positive reviewer your primary goal should be to give them a brief, friendly, personal thank you that lets them know that you care about them as a customer.Mistakes we often see include long cut-and-paste form messages, offers of free stuff that can feel like bribes, complaints about minor criticisms, mailing list requests, and requests to “spread the word”.

Admittedly, this is much harder than responding to a positive review but if you can respond directly to the customer’s experience and any changes you may have made as a result, this could go far in earning trust and a second chance.

We take care that false reviews are not published and as such advice reviewers to mention order no for negative reviews.

You can, although we’ve found it’s often most effective to attempt to resolve issues through private messaging first. If you feel a public comment is necessary, present your case as simply and politely as possible, and do not attack the reviewer under any circumstances. Remember that other potential customers will be reading your comment and you want to leave them with a positive impression of your business.


User reviews are allowed for online stores listed on Stores are rated based on user submitted reviews & ratings

Product reviews are published by Parrotspeaks experts based on extensive research about the product, referring from different secondary source of information.

Industry updated are published to update about latest happenings in the targeted industry.

Business FAQ

A business listing is automatically generated when a consumer visits our site and submits a review for your company. Once a business listing has been generated any subsequent reviews will be posted on the same review page.

Consumers have the right to review their experiences at whatever websites they visit and we do not remove business listings. Instead of trying to remove your listing, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity to engage with your fans and critics alike, and hear what they have to say.

Parrotspeaks adheres to Google’s content guidelines. Businesses that are not allowed include sites containing adult, violent, or illegal content.We only entertain online business reviews as such the mentioned categories (Online shopping,Online Grocery,Online Pharmacy,Online Trading,E-Learning,Online Florist & Online Travel).


  • PARROTSPEAKS- Reviews & Ratings

    Parrotspeaks has helped us save time in finding reliable and genuine shopping portals in India. The reviews posted on this platform are genuine and are user driven; as such reviews are more transparent & authentic. I encourage all users to leave reviews and share experience shopping online and help others also to make more informed decision before purchasing online.

    Partha Barman, Genpack
  • PARROTSPEAKS- Reviews & Ratings

    I would definitely recommend Parrotspeaks. I was really amazed to find such a good website with quality reviews from online shoppers. It’s an excellent review website and I’m glad we chose Parrotspeaks.

    Sunyana Sharma, Entrepreneur
  • PARROTSPEAKS- Reviews & Ratings

    With online fraud is on the rise and emergence of so many startups into online business, it becomes really difficult to find genuine online stores with good customer service. After going through reviews on it became very easy to make my mind in trying a new store to purchase.

    Navneet Padam, Tea planter

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