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Site Questions

How to write a review?

You can write reviews on online shops listed under different categories.Just click on any category and you will find list of online shops. You may select any shop and click on it will direct to shop profile. You will find list of user reviews if present and on right side you will have a button “write a review”. Just click on it and you are there to write a review. Give a good title of the review and in text box write details about your shopping experience. Once submitted it will be verified from parrotspeaks and if approved will reflect under it.

How can I modify a review already published?

You may login to site and find your published reviews but once you edit & modify your review it will again be needed to be approved from our side to be republished again.

what to do if shop to be reviewed is not present?

If you don’t find a particular shop to review it, you may suggest us to list the shop in your website. Just drop a mail to us at or use our contact us form to communicate with us. As soon as its listed will intimate you.

What is the SLA for Review to be published?

We try our best to publish your valuable ASAP but we promise to do it at least within 24 hours.

Can I write review without logging in?

No, its important to login to review as to prevent spam from being published. Also we make sure genuine reviews are published and no promotional material is entertained.

How are Online Shop ratings calculated?

Shop Ratings are calculated based on average user ratings, parrotspeaks play no part in rating a shop or influencing a shop ratings.Ratings are for consumers and also provided by consumers.

Do parrotspeaks remove user reviews?

Parrotspeaks will not remove any user reviews , but if found fraud review it may do so if we receive any complaints. User may remove a review if they want to.

How does Parrotspeaks prevent fake reviews?

We have a dedicated Review Team that manually spot checks reviews for fakes. Unfortunately due to the large number of reviews we get we cannot manually read everything but we try to get to as much as we can. For negative reviews special check is given and order no may be cross verified, since for negative reviews require more details like order id or proof of purchase. We take special care that no business is hurt and no consumers are misguided.

Business Questions

Why was Parrotspeaks started?

Parrotspeaks was started to weed our unscrupulous retailers and safe guard customer interests for making better informed decisions.

How to list my Online Store?

If you are owner or employee of a store, you may mail us or use contact us , sending a request to list our business. It will be listed ASAP.

Can I encourage office staff to write reviews

No, as such it may influence bias reviews & we don’t encourage that.

Why should I list my Business

Today 95% customers look for reviews before making any purchase decisions and parrotspeaks is a great platform to find potential customers.

One negative review will not hurt your business but 100 satisfied customers and their reviews will definitely create brand awareness and help in finding new markets and customers.

How to list ads on parrotspeaks

If you want to have ads in our website , just contact us at admin@parrotspeaks , we will mail you details about Ads pricing and space availability.

How to remove negative reviews of my Shop

Use the comment section to reply as a owner to a particular review. If the customer is satisfied with your solution then you may ask him/her to remove the review. This will help is getting back a unsatisfied customer and seeing this initiative many more will be your new customers.

How parrotspeaks platform is different?

We are transparent and clear in our vision. Customers or consumers are more important then business as we don’t have any monetary association with them.

How does Parrotspeaks business model?

Our business runs on only advertisements on this website and through affiliates. We are not sponsored by any online shops as such it may lead to wrong interpretation.

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