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Kodinhi Village – Where Only Twins Are Born

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Kodinhi is a small remote village inside Malappuram district of Kerala. This place was unexplored before and only came to limelight when the residents of this place wanted a survey to be conducted on the total number of twins in the village .And hence was found that it is inhabited by around 2000 families amongst which at least around 400 pairs are twins. This village is thus known as the twins village, as about 45 % of births are of twins which is quite an astonishing thing but is true. People in India are always attracted towards the offer ‘Buy one, get one free’ and this specific village actually gives the right example to this saying.

Kodinhi village of twins

Kodinhi village of twins

Why so many pairs of twins are born in this village? What are the actual roots behind the fact? Is this related to something special in the air or water of this village? Many more questions similar to these, arises in the mind of scientists and researchers who are consistently trying to find out the secret behind. Many people make assumptions that the reason might be the food habits of residents of that area. But till date no one could come out with a final outcome about the hidden mystery. Besides twins, births of triplets and quadruplets are also being witnessed in this village but its percentage is quite less in comparison to that of twins. The name of this village has also reached ‘Guinness Book of World Records’ in the present date.  Another very significant thing to be noted is that, twin girls of the village who are married and stay far away from the place also gave birth to twins. So it is being believed that there is something present in the soil and water of this village due to which only twin children are born. Year after year the numbers of twin pairs are on an increasing note.

In general, in our country India only 4 out of 1000 children born happen to be twins. But in Kodinhi village, out every 1000 births around 45% are twins.

The food habits of people residing in Kodinhi are very much similar to the ones in other regions of Kerala. Thus it is very much astonishing that is why in spite of similar food habits, twins are born only in this mysterious village of Kerala. The village also has an association for twins namely ‘The twins and kins association’. This particular association has been made by the villagers itself. It has been formed mainly to look after the complications faced after multiple births. Since date the truth behind the birth of twins in this village is still a mystery. Is it the food, soil or genetics? Scientist and researchers are still working on it.

This particular village suddenly came to limelight in the year 2008 when around 15 pairs of twins were born in the same year. This count is around 6 times more than the number of twin births in the world. According to demographics of the world, in around 1000 births 4 births happen to be of twins. But it is very much astounding that in Kodinhi village, in 1000 births 45 twins are born. This count is in second position in the world whereas in Asia it has taken the number 1 position. The first place in the world demographics of twin birth has been occupied by a Nigerian town named Igbo- Ora.

The total population of Kodinhi village is around 15000. Birth of twins has been continuing in this village since ages and twins of different age groups can be seen here. Thus according to a survey it has been found that around 15- 20 twin children are born every year in this village and this number is found to be much higher than the twin births in our entire country India.

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