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I have gone back and forth over a 2k dress where the quality is shockingly bad. My order number is 1100015947. I asked for a refund and they emailed saying they would get the dress picked up and would give store credit. Obviously I never want to shop on this website again as there is no trust in the quality of their products. They agreed to give me a refund after I threatened to put their email exchanges online and after that again went back to saying store credit. It surprises me that such companies get the license to work in India. The customer service is horrible, the telephone number listed on their website does not work and they have still not picked up that damn dress. I will put my email exchanges up for further clarification on how this company is and to prove that nobody should ever ever get duped by them again. I have also asked for the owners email address which they have conveniently ignored. I tried to search for it online and viola, guess What, the people giving reviews here is the owners and people who work for him.

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